Lashes have really come a long way! Having worn those heavy and uncomfortable lashes for many many years - I can truly appreciate quality lash strips that feel comfortable and lightweight. Whether its a natural pair for work or a fuller set for a night out - I wear my lashes from morning to night, every single day. Having an easy and effortless way to complete and/or change up my looks is essential. It's part of my daily routine and quite frankly, part of my lifestyle! 

I didn't have the greatest confidence when I was younger. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis at 14 and I became very uncomfortable in my own skin. I was self conscious of my spine curvature that made me look different than everyone else. I became very recluse and tended to hide myself physically with baggy clothes and by avoiding social situations altogether. Around 16, I started to experiment with makeup and quickly learned that even the most subtle changes would make me feel better about myself. I realized that my condition wasn't going to change - I would live with it for my entire life. But if I just allowed myself to get out of my own insecurities - I would shine like any other girl out there. I used makeup - not to hide- but to celebrate who I was.  And with that bit of confidence - I am here today and I have never looked back. 

I created Bloom simply because I am passionate about helping women look and feel their best. Although there are many many ways to do that - this is what I know best. And I want to share it with you! 



Bloom: Noun 1. A flower, especially one cultivated for its beauty.

Bloom Lashes is a Canadian-based company offering premium mink and silk lashes. We create luxury handcrafted lashes that are long lasting, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. All our products are made from the finest materials and our processes are cruelty free. We invite you to live life in full bloom!